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Attraction Books & Catalogue Sales in Full Swing this Fall

Our Fall Fundraiser, supporting BCA's Annual Fund, is in full swing and will run for 3 weeks only ending on Friday, September 6.

We would like to thank all BCA families for your help now and in the past with our vital fundraising efforts. As you know, the staff at BCA do an amazing job of stretching every penny to keep the cost of educating our children as low as possible and to keep the tuition as affordable as possible. However, the total expense of educating a child at BCA exceeds tuition dollars received. Therefore, our fundraising throughout the year is vital for making up the difference. It keeps BCA operating and helps keep tuition in check. We really need everyone's help.

Donations are welcome! Click HERE for the Donation Form.

The due date for donations, order forms, and payments is Friday, September 6.

The holidays will sneak up on us so don't forget to purchase gifts, cookie dough, tumblers, and wrapping paper from our Preschool - 5th grade students!

If you want to sell to out of town relatives and friends, click on the flyer links below.

An example of an email one of our parents created and sent to friends and family via email is available by clicking HERE. Feel free to use this as your own template.

Selling Perks for Preschool - 5th graders

"Animaland Day" (qualifying students build their own stuffed animal) is now being scheduled. Students who have sold a minimum of 15 items or turned in $150 or more in donations win an opportunity to build their own stuffed animal (similar to Build-a Bear).

"Limo to Lunch Day" is now being scheduled. Students who have sold a minimum of 25 items or turned in $250 or more in donations win a limo ride to lunch at an area restaurant (location TBD). 

Middle School & High School students are selling the "Attractions Books."

These coupon books are for sale for $25 and the average family saves $326.50 with the regular use of the Guide. 

There are prizes! All MS & HS students selling 5 or more books/submitting $125 or more in donations will earn "Royal Bucks" to be redeemed at the BCA "Pop-Up" Cafe. AND... the top selling homeroom in Middle School and the top selling homeroom in High School will win a free visit to the BCA "Pop-Up" Cafe.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ginger Canovai at or 336.395.2026. Thank you for your support of our school!

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