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Welcome to the BCA Parent Portal!

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Sycamore - BCA's information management system website.  


NOTE: You must have your own personal login to access Sycamore.  Sycamore contains important information including News, School Calendars, Student and Faculty Directories, Student Grades and much more!

Forget Sycamore Password?

Reset Your Password

1. Click HERE to access the Sycamore login screen

2. Click the Reset Your Password link (under Username, Password and Language boxes)

3. The system will email you a temporary, system created password. Use the temporary password to login.


Change Sycamore Password?

1. After you've logged in, let's change your password.

2. Under the School Home Menus (left), Click My Organizer

3. Click Password

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to change your password

5. Click the Submit button (top, right)

If your e-mail address (or other important contact information) has changed, please e-mail the updated information to  Thank you!

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