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Thank you for your interest in BCA!

We invite you to fill out this form or call our school office (336)227-0288 to schedule an individual tour.



Burlington Christian Academy is an interdenominational Christian school. We admit students whose parents desire a Christian education within a loving, non-legalistic, evangelical context for their children. Parents and guardians must desire to have their children directed and grounded in the Christian faith leading to acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord, and to be discipled in the faith which leads to Christian maturity and the embracing of a Christian worldview. 

We offer students the opportunity to participate in a rigorous academic curriculum and a full complement of arts and athletic programs.

Our exceptional facilities allow students to explore myriad passions within the arts, academics, and athletics. In the classroom, on the playing field, at work in the community, we want to draw students into a world of unlimited possibilities. We measure our success by our students - the way they interact, their confidence and enthusiasm, the choices they make, and the lives they lead. We succeed when we see our students living out the values we share, daring to serve from the heart, and not just making history, but changing it.

Choosing the school that is right for you is a process that requires care and patience. To learn more about us and let us get to know you, too, we encourage you to visit our campus. Please feel free to call us (336)227-0288 to learn more about our campus visit options or submit an online request form to receive information about a Burlington Christian Academy education.

New Student Admissions


The BCA Admissions Committee carefully evaluates each prospective student on the basis of previous report cards, standardized testing, admissions test, pastor recommendation, faculty recommendations, and student interview.  Our desire is to determine academic congruity and balance between prospective students and currently enrolled BCA students.  Prospective students should show evidence of Christian commitment, integrity, character, social and emotional maturity, sensitivity to others, motivation, cooperation, a great attitude, curiosity of knowledge, and a passionate intellectual inquisitiveness. 

Admissions Process for New Students

*K5 and 8th grade classes are full. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list. 

New students applying for entrance into BCA must complete the steps of the Admission Process outlined by grade level.


*Please see the Financial Information sheets below for all applicable fees for the 2023-24 Enrollment and the 2023-2024 School Calendar.  

The non-refundable Application Fee is due with the completed Application at time of initial enrollment, and must be paid separately from any other payments made to BCA. Students will be considered for admittance once all of these steps have been completed and relevant forms have been returned to the BCA Admissions Office. Receipt of the Application and Application Fee does not imply acceptance.


Upon acceptance, payment for the non-refundable Enrollment Fee and Book Fees are due.  

Click on the appropriate grade level below for your child(ren)

New Preschool Student Admissions Overview             

New Elementary School Student Admissions Overview

New Middle School Student Admissions Overview

New High School Student Admissions Overview

New International Student Admissions Overview

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