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Successful Food Drive Restocks Shelves

Wow #BCAroyals family! The Caring Kitchen was overwhelmed by your generosity during this year's Caring Kitchen Food Drive. Prior to the start of the drive, the shelves were at an all time low. In fact, the employees were worried that they would not be able to provide hot meals during the coldest months of the year.

Cresting the top of the hill by BCA's playgrounds, the Caring Kitchen provides 275 meals a weekend to local neighbors in need. Members of the local community count on these meals for their families, especially during the winter months.

Elaine Austin, BCA's Family & Consumer Science Teacher uses the Caring Kitchen with her students during their cooking units every year. In December, Austin urged the BCA community to be involved in the food drive commenting the "shelves are the emptiest I have ever seen them. Cindy (the chef) relies on donated food to prepare meals each and every weekend." 

Austin, also the Yearbook Elective Teacher, snapped some before and after pictures of the shelves, as well as some pictures of students and faculty helping organize the donations.

One anonymous donation came in with a truckload of soups and hominy!

Again, thank you for your generosity in restocking the shelves at the Caring Kitchen. It takes a village to care for our neighbors in need, and you all showed up in a BIG way!

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