BCA offers a wide selection of arts for students to choose from.  Our faculty in the arts program have a passion to see students use their God-given talents to the best of their ability.


Our leveled I - IV, students are eligible to take art their entire HS career ending with an AP level course.



Our BCA Royal Players Drama Club focuses on developing singing, acting, and movement skills in a variety of musical theater performing styles. With two productions each year, ample opportunities to "take the stage" are available for middle & high school students.


Students learn to analyze lyrics of selected dramas and musicals to find out how to communicate through vocal and physical expression. They also learn to develop a character in order to bring a song to life through both singing and acting. At the center of every production is learning that everyone involved in any given show is important, from lead rolls to the person opening the curtain. It takes everyone doing their part with precision to put on an excellent show!

“Every student has a character inside them ready to be discovered."

— Robin Tate, Drama Club


The BCA RoyalKeys are an a cappella group that wow audiences at every performance.   Although a cappella is technically defined as singing without instrumental accompaniment, the RoyalKeys use their voices to emulate instruments while also focusing on rich, dense harmonies. 

Every year since inception (2016) the RoyalKeys have traveled to Liquid 5th Studios in Durham, NC for the students to experience professional recording and album production first hand.  The group's tracks can be found on GoogleMusic, ApplyPlay, iTunes, Spotify, and many more!  We invite you to listen and share their talented tracks!

The group also performs singing valentines throughout campus on Valentine's Day each year to help parents and friends make the holiday a special time for their loved ones.

Wayfarin' Stranger
BrotherBCA RoyalKeys
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Wayfaring StrangerBCA RoyalKeys
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“Music is the language

we all have

in common."

— Meredith Juengel, Vocal Club


High School students are offered the unique opportunity to select "dance" as their Physical Education elective.  The course covers a wide variety of dance genres and offers multiple opportunities for the students to showcase what they are learning.

This course is paired with health two days a week allowing students to put into practice the healthy habits they are learning.