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Alumni Spotlight

Jonathan Fuller | 2012 Graduate

A "big man on campus" defines BCA 2012 graduate Jonathan Fuller in duality.  Fuller is both big in physical stature and big in lasting impression.  At 6 foot 4 inches, Fuller towered above most of his classmates but remained ever humble.  Fellow BCA graduate and friend Rick Gilbert describes him as one who "looked out for others and stood up for them if needed."  Gilbert says, "I have seen him cry with empathy for others and with joy for the Lord."

Serving as student body president, selected as homecoming representative, playing on varsity soccer, basketball and baseball teams, and debuting in BCA's spring musical theatre Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Bennett, Fuller was very engaged in high school activities. Better known on the soccer field as “Big J”, Fuller played an important role in laying the foundation for Men’s Soccer at BCA.  He played the position of goalkeeper, which carries a great deal of pressure for the team.  Per then head coach Thad Stovall: "The attribute that best describes Jonathan is heart. His heart for others and God were evident from the very beginning.  It was my honor to coach him and count him as a friend."
However, he also made a name for himself in the academic word racking up AP credits and AP Scholar accolades.  He credits BCA with his ability to balance a busy schedule and being better prepared for college.  "My experience at BCA helped me prioritize areas of involvement I really valued and helped me know I could manage both - doing well academically and being meaningfully involved in the community," says Fuller.  "BCA helped me strive for excellence by holding me to a high personal and academic standard, which prepared me to continue to work hard in my life and education."


Fuller was asked for his fondest memory of BCA.  He said that he especially appreciated the opportunities he had to work with great mentors. "Cathy Moffett, Brian Dehart and Thad Stovall stand out as leaders who saw and drew out something special in me as a leader and follower," said Fuller.

After high school graduation, Fuller moved to Mechanicsburg, PA where he attended Messiah College. He graduated summa cum laude, with departmental honors for highest GPA, completed a thesis in the history department and earned a BA in Christian Ministries and History.  Non-academic time was spent with the student-led discipleship ministry and as Student Body Chaplain as well as singing in choirs and playing intramural sports. As a senior, he served as Messiah College's Student Body President.

Washington, DC, to attend Wesley Theological Seminary, was his next stop and where he earned a Masters in Divinity and received the Interpretation Award for excellence in biblical studies.  After graduation, Fuller was employed by Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA, as Coordinator of Residence Life.  In this current position, he works closely with professional and student staffs to foster a safe, meaningful campus community where each student can find a place to plug in and continue to grow.  

When Fuller was asked how he decided what to do with his life he responded "In addition to prayerful discernment, I paid attention to times when I felt most alive, when I felt like my work or involvement unlocked an area of passion that connects to the unique divine imprint on me." Fuller adds, "I noticed that spark when working with young adults, especially as they discover and live into their potential, and when working to make the reign and realm of God a present reality in our world, not just a future hope." 

Fuller, also a commissioned deacon in the United Methodist Church and married to his "hero and partner" Abby Sherman, was asked "If a young person came to you asking what's the most important thing for living a good life, what would you say?"  His response:  "Listen to understand, not to respond."

We took a look at Fuller's high school senior yearbook where he predicted that in 20 years he would be "working in Christian ministry and living alone with 47 cats."  How did he do with his prediction so far?  Not alone. (Yay, Abby!) Check to working in Christian ministry. We forgot to ask about the cats.  Jonathan Fuller.  You make us royally proud.

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