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BCA Awarded Top 15% Performing Nationally

Warmest greetings! We are pleased to inform that, once again, BCA has been identified as one of the top performing schools in the nation. The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for American Private Education indicate that BCA student standardized test results for the elementary and middle school (Spring, 2019) are at the highest levels nationally when compared to other schools throughout the county, state, and nation. This includes comparisons with all public, private, Catholic and charter schools. The elementary school and middle school students performed in the Top 15% of students nationally in the area of Math and Language with the Top 15% being the highest possible designation. Our administration and teachers are pleased that our academic program is robust, vibrant, and exceptional, and that the instructional program and practices are excellent. As a means of reminder, the Grade Mean Equivalent results from last year's testing is as follows:

Grade Grade Mean Equivalent

1st Grade 3rd Grade, 4th Month

2nd Grade 4th Grade, 8th Month

3rd Grade 5th Grade, 6th Month

4th Grade 7th Grade, 5th Month

5th Grade 8th Grade, 7th Month

6th Grade 10th Grade, 3rd Month

7th Grade 11th Grade, 2nd Month

8th Grade 13th Grade, 0th Month

Thank you to our wonderful faculty and staff whose commitment to both students and to the school's mission of educational excellence is unsurpassed. Our faculty are singularly significant in these stellar student outcomes. BCA seeks to work unceasingly to provide opportunity for student success. I am pleased to remind you of this achievement of being identified as a one of the highest performing schools nationally.

Warmly, in Christ,

Michael Brown, M.A., M.Ed.

Head of School

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