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Teens & 20's Student of the Month Recipient - BCA's Cailyn Fogleman

Article first appeared on the Times-News Teens & 20's website 11/26/2018. Article written by Logan A. White a Times-News correspondent.

November’s Student of the Month, Cailyn Fogleman, lives by the motto — “if you are honest and a hard worker, you will be successful in anything you put your mind to.”

Fogleman, a junior at Burlington Christian Academy (BCA), excels in scholarship, sports and selflessness. She is the daughter of Chad and Crystal Fogleman of Burlington.

Rene Neff, BCA’s athletic director, describes her as “off-the-charts” academically, but emphasizes that Fogleman “quietly assumes the role of a servant leader.”

As a child, Fogleman was involved in soccer, gymnastics and cheerleading before she discovered her passion for volleyball in middle school.

“I love that volleyball allows our team to work together to grow within the sport both individually as well as together. Our team has such a strong bond and we are like family,” she said.

Fogleman takes initiative on and off the field. This September, she orchestrated the return of a local cancer fundraiser, Volley for the Cure, to Burlington Christian Academy.

“Volley for the Cure had been started several years ago and it was always an incredible event to raise awareness and a great fundraiser for the community. We didn’t have anyone to coordinate it last year and I really missed it,” she explained.

“I asked our athletic director (Neff) if I could take on this as a project and was excited that she allowed me to do this for our school and community. It is so important to have ways to increase breast cancer awareness in schools and also contribute to local patients’ needs through fund-raising.”

Through her willingness to serve others, Fogleman helped raise almost $900 to contribute to the Cone Health Cancer Center Patient Assistance Fund. The money that was donated from this project assisted patients in numerous aspects of their cancer treatment, providing transportation to and from appointments, assisting with costs of medication, and helping patients with their utility bills when medical bills become overwhelming.

“Cailyn is compassionate and mature beyond her years,” Neff said.

She is excited to see what the future holds for Fogleman, predicting that she will establish a nonprofit that discovers the cure for cancer.

“Each year, I am learning more about myself and my strengths and interests,” Fogleman said. “I feel as if there are so many career opportunities out there…I am excited to see what all this world has to offer.”

She encourages other teens who wish to get involved in community service to “follow their passion and devote themselves towards their goal. Be proud of the difference they are able to make in their community.”

Her own motivation, the driving force behind her acts of kindness and servant spirit, is strikingly simple but poignant with power. For Cailyn Fogleman, Student of the Month, putting others first isn’t a choice, it’s a calling.

“I am inspired simply by the desire to do what’s right at my greatest ability with the talents that God has given me.”

Congratulations to this well-deserving student on receiving this recognition! We are so proud of all she has accomplished thus far and what her future holds!

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