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BCA Announcement of Retirements

A letter from Michale Brown: Head of School

Having arrived at our thirtieth year of our careers at BCA, in which we have had the immense pleasure of serving in the BCA administration, the time has come now for one of those inevitable transitions that are part of the life experience.  School Administrator Tammy Cheek, Elementary Principal Marcia Cauthren, and Head of School Michael Brown will be relinquishing their roles as administrators when we retire at the end of this school year on June 1, 2020.

This change in leadership at BCA will not result in any substantive changes in the school's philosophy, culture, policies, beliefs, core values, vision, or mission.  These are enduring standards that provide our school with identity and our reason for being, and are non-negotiable, ensuring that the school's "personality," focus, expectations, and historically successful program will continue.  BCA will remain the same.  What will be different is simply new faces in some areas.  While the new Head of School for the next school year has not yet been appointed, he or she will be an individual who is highly qualified, personable, and an outstanding educational leader.

The process for determining a new Head of School has begun.  This past spring notification was made to our accrediting agencies, various seminaries, and schools throughout the Southeast to indicate our upcoming vacancy.  We have received numerous applications from highly qualified and experienced individuals.  Resumes are presently being reviewed to determine educational qualifications, necessary experience, leadership styles, management abilities, philosophy of education, views on collaborative corporate culture, biblical and Christian testimony, intrapersonal strengths, etc.  We will begin the actual interviewing of these candidates in early October in order for the new Head of School to be in place by June 1, 2020.   

With next year's retirement of members of the Administration, we are pleased to announce the following changes that will take place as of June 1, 2020.

Laura Beth Ferrara, Assistant High School Principal, has been promoted to the role of Administrator, to replace Tammy Cheek when she retires next year.

Shanda Ingle, Seventh/Eighth Grade Teacher, has been promoted to the role of Assistant High School Principal, to replace L.B. Ferrara.

Andrea Pike, Fifth Grade Teacher, has been promoted to the role of Elementary School Principal to replace Marcia Cauthren when she retires next year. 

The Academy is so pleased that we have such qualified and experienced individuals who are singularly prepared for these important educational leadership positions.  They will help facilitate a leadership transition that is so flawless and smooth that the students and parents will come to realize that the transition has actually been seamless.

The full Administration Team for next year is as follows:

  • New Head of School, yet to be determined

  • L.B. Ferrara, Administrator B.S., History, UNC-Asheville

  • Sheryl McDonald, Curriculum Specialist B.A., American Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill M.Ed., Elementary Education, UNC-Greensboro Graduate Certificate, TESOL, UNC-Greensboro  

  • Holly Clark, High School Principal B.A.,  English, Wake Forest University M.A., Educational Administration, UNC-Chapel Hill

  • Shanda Ingle, Assistant High School Principal B.S., Elementary Education, UNC-Greensboro M.Ed., Education (K-12), Elon University

  • Judy Harris, Middle School Principal B.A., Middle School Education, Elon University

  • Andrea Pike, Elementary School Principal B.S., Elementary Education, East Carolina University M.Ed., Middle School Math Education, Oglethorpe University

As this process of transition moves forward, the Administration will communicate with you to keep you updated as to what is actually going on, as we seek to bring in an individual who will be tasked with guiding and directing the school in the future.

Warmly, in Christ,

Michael Brown, M.A., M.Ed.

Head of School

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