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Burlington Christian Academy's mission is to provide an excellent education in the context of a Christian worldview to students in Alamance and surrounding counties. In order to fulfill this mission we seek to work in partnership with families who desire a Christian education for their children either through a traditional classroom environment or through home schooling efforts. We support whole-heartedly families seeking to raise their children, "bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4 NIV) as well as with the knowledge and skills necessary to impact today's world.

For the 2021 - 2022 school years BCA offers a variety of opportunities for homeschooling families to assist in the tremendous task of educating children.




Academic Testing

BCA offers nationally normed standardized tests to home school students at grade levels 3-11 each year. Home school families are welcomed to request a space for their children to test at BCA with our students, therefore helping to fulfill the home school testing requirement from the state of North Carolina.

Grades 3-8: All students in Grades 3-5 take standardized tests in April/May of each year. Families interested in taking the test at BCA should contact Elementary School Principal, Andrea Pike. by December 1st during the school calendar year. There is a $40 fee to cover the cost of the test, scoring, and administration. Parents should plan for the test to be administered over approximately four mornings in April/May. Eighth grade students may also register to take the PSAT 8/9 given in March. Please contact Middle School Principal Judy Harris at for more information.

Grades 9-12: BCA offers a variety of tests to students in grades 9-12 with a range of costs relative to the cost of the test. Fees include test, administration, and scoring. To register for high school tests (except the SAT) please email Holly Clark at Due to the nature of ordering for these exams, requests should be made 3-6 months in advance to guarantee that a test will be available for your student.

  • Grades 8-9: PSAT 8/9 Administered in March - $35.00

  • Grade 10:    PSAT 10 Administered in March - $35.00

  • Grade 11:    PSAT/ NMSQT Administered in October - $35.00

  • Grade 11:    ACT- Administered during the school day in March - $60.00


  • SAT Testing: Given three times per year on Saturdays - You must register and pay through the Collegeboard website.


  • AP Exams: World History * European History * US History * US Government * AB Calculus * Statistics * Environmental Science * Biology * English Language and Composition

    • Administered on assigned date in May - $ 105 per test

Course Options for Home School Students

Families interested in enrolling their student part-time at BCA may enroll in up to three classes per day. To enroll, students must complete a home school application form and meet acceptance requirements.  If enrolling in a Core class, the student may need to be tested for entrance into the class and should provide school records (such as previous year report card and national/standardized testing). Recommendation forms may be requested, upon desire of the school principal.  All grade levels will complete the Statement of Faith and Emergency Card, and Middle and High School students will complete the BCA Commitment Statement.  Lastly, students will pay an enrollment and registration fee of $100.00 per student.


Costs for courses are based on the number of times per week that classes meet and the grade level of the student. Please see below for information specific to each school. At all levels, students enrolling in two or more classes are eligible to participate in some school sponsored events and opportunities (see the school level principal for details). However,  our athletic conference dictates that any student athlete must be a fully-enrolled student in order to participate in team sports within our conference.

Elementary School

Grades K-5


Home school students are welcomed to enroll in non-core specials classes and Science/STEM with current BCA students. Classes are grade level specific and meet one time per week for approximately 40 minutes. Some of the classes are scheduled back to back for more convenience. Please contact Andrea Pike, Elementary School Principal, at for a schedule of available class times per grade level. Opportunities for the 2019-2020 school years include:

Specials Classes:

  • Art

  • Physical Education (may be taken up to three times per week)

  • Music

  • Computer

  • Spanish


Core Class:

  • Science/STEM (meets three times per week for a semester in our dedicated Science lab)


Students taking part in at least two classes per year are eligible to be enrolled in BCA's Accelerated Reader Program and may attend school-wide functions (socials, Fall Festival, Field Day etc).


Elementary Specials classes are $250.00 per course. (A student taking PE more than once per week will pay $250.00 per class day).


The elementary Science/STEM class is $400.00 per semester (meets for one semester).

Middle School

Grades 6-8


Home school Students in Middle School are eligible to enroll in core and/or specials classes when space is available, up to three periods per day. Students and parents must sign the BCA Commitment Statement and Statement of Faith and students will be held to the same disciplinary standards as all full-time BCA students. Home school Middle School students enrolling in two or more classes are eligible to take part in BCA school sponsored functions including: Theatre Productions*, Annual Fall Retreat**, Socials, Clubs, FCA, Cheerleading, and MS AJTF Tennis Teams. Please contact Judy Harris, Middle School Principal, at for a schedule of available class times per grade level.

Course options include 45 minute daily periods in core subjects, and/or four specials per year in one 40 minute period:


Core Subjects:

  • English

  • Math (6th grade math, 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra and Algebra)

  • History

  • Science

  • Bible


Specials Subjects:

  • Physical Education

  • Musical Theatre

  • Art

  • Computer

  • STEM

  • Social Media

  • Conflict Resolution & Life Skills

- Specials are taught on M/W/F (1 class) or T/Th (another class). Families may pick and choose which ones they would like, or chose a rotation of 4 equalling one period per day.


If student is eligible for BCA sponsored functions the following applies:

* Theatre Club (Theatre Productions) - $100 fee

** Annual Fall Retreat - student is responsible for cost of retreat

Middle School Core Classes are $1,000.00 per course.


Middle School Specials Classes are $250 per course

(Other fees due as established by BCA, as applicable.  See school Principal for more information.)

High School

Grades 9-12


Home school students interested in high school courses are welcomed to enroll in a variety of courses, encompassing both core subject and electives options, space permitting. Ninety-five percent of high school classes are taught on a year-long, fifty-minute per day schedule. BCA is open to offering additional courses with an alternate schedule to home school groups of 10 or more. Groups wishing to explore this option should contact Holly Clark at for more information.

College Prep, Honors, and AP Course options for 2019-2020 include those listed below. Families can locate more detailed descriptions in the Curriculum Guide. Homeschool students may enroll in up to three classes per day in high school. Student enrolling in at least two high school classes per year may take part in the following school activities: Drama Productions ($100 fee), Clubs, Fall Retreat (students responsible for cost of retreat), and Socials.


High School Courses are $1,200 each (per year or semester if on block schedule) which includes all textbook and material fees.  Other fees due as established by BCA, as applicable - see school Principal for details.

“As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards

of the manifold grace of God.”  I Peter 4:10


Social Studies

  • World History*

  • U.S. Government*

  • U.S. History*

  • European History*


  • English I- Engish IV*

*Indicates Honors Course



  • Algebra I

  • Algebra II*

  • Geometry*

  • Pre-Calculus*

  • Discrete Math*

  • College Algebra*


  • Christian Foundations I-IV*

*Indicates Honors Course


AP Courses

  • AP Biology

  • AP Calculus

  • AP English Language & Composition

  • AP European History

  • AP Environmental Science

  • AP Statistics

  • AP US Government

  • AP US History

  • AP World History


  • Biology*

  • Chemistry*

  • Anatomy*

  • Environmental Science*

  • Marine Science*

  • Physics*

Foreign Lang.

  • Spanish I & II

*Indicates Honors Course



  • Art I, II & Adv. Art

  • Graphic Design I & II

  • Family & Consumer Science

  • Yearbook

Physical Education

  • PE & Health

  • Weight Training

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